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Optional software customization services allow you to add special functions or features to CAPN, as well as integrate it with any existing software or other navigation systems. We've done this for large and small customers alike. Call us and we will develop a plan that meets your needs.

Charts and Data

Optional cartography production services provide you charts and aerial photographs in areas not covered by governmental charts. Or let us customize existing charts with information overlays specific to your vessels and operations. Maptech is the only PC navigation company capable of providing you these important services.

Other CAPN features:

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Upgrading The CAPN

Qualified existing customers can receive and upgrade to their

Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7, & 8
32 bit and 64 bit versions.

$149.95 + Shipping & Handling + sales tax (for Virginia residents)
  • The CAPN V 8.3.20 Software Upgrade

  • DVD's of all U.S Charts

  • Supporting Documents

  • Updated NOAA Raster Charts (RNCs)

  • Updated NOAA Vector Charts (ENCs)

  • Updated Army Corps of Engineers Vector Charts (IENCs)

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