Charts & Navigation Data Included

Entire US Included

CAPN US DVD SET includes all available Official raster and vector charts, aerial photos, and 3D bathy charts covering the US, including commercial inland waterways. Yes, they're all included in a set of 18 DVDs! All the charts you need without having to spend additional money for additional chart regions or chart types!

Vector Charts

The CAPN integrates both Official NOAA and Corps of Engineers S57-ENC (Electronic Navigational Charts) with NGA military DNC (Digital Nautical Charts) to provide you the best US coverage and detail. Smart Chart Logic makes it easy to select the best chart for every situation.

Raster Charts and Photos

The CAPN provides the best Official NOAA RNC (Raster Nautical Charts) coverage available for the US. Fully integrates SoftChart and Maptech/BSB. High resolution aerial photos provide additional detail and situational awareness.

3D Bathy Charts

The CAPN includes NOAA and Corps of Engineers bathymetric survey data, and displays this otherwise difficult to interpret information as colorful 3D ocean floor maps.

Tides and Currents

Yes, they are included too. Display them separately or right on top of your charts!

Other CAPN features:

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Upgrading The CAPN

Qualified existing customers can receive and upgrade to their

Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7, & 8
32 bit and 64 bit versions.

$149.95 + Shipping & Handling + sales tax (for Virginia residents)
  • The CAPN V 8.3.20 Software Upgrade

  • DVD's of all U.S Charts

  • Supporting Documents

  • Updated NOAA Raster Charts (RNCs)

  • Updated NOAA Vector Charts (ENCs)

  • Updated Army Corps of Engineers Vector Charts (IENCs)

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