Ultimate Situational Awareness

AIS - Ready

Connect an Automated Identification System (AIS) receiver to your PC. Then let CAPN plot the position, course, speed, type, size and identity of commercial traffic near your vessel. When combined with radar, this is ultimate situational awareness.

Video Camera - Ready

Monitor your engine room, cargo areas, barges, passenger areas or docking! CAPN comes ready to work with video cameras and installation is a breeze. Separate video feed windows can be opened within CAPN, and minimized or resized as desired.


Visual and audible alerts for vital events such as Waypoint Approach/Arrival, Alarm Zone Approach/Entry, Man Overboard, Outside Anchor Zone, Cross Track Error, and GPS Trouble. CAPN is the only program that allows you to dead reckon and easily plot manual bearings (LOPs) should your GPS fail.

Other CAPN features:

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Upgrading The CAPN

Qualified existing customers can receive and upgrade to their

Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7, & 8
32 bit and 64 bit versions.

$149.95 + Shipping & Handling + sales tax (for Virginia residents)
  • The CAPN V 8.3.20 Software Upgrade

  • DVD's of all U.S Charts

  • Supporting Documents

  • Updated NOAA Raster Charts (RNCs)

  • Updated NOAA Vector Charts (ENCs)

  • Updated Army Corps of Engineers Vector Charts (IENCs)

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