iCAPN Apps are coming from the CAPN
for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows platforms.

The CAPN is developing small applications that can run on the Windows environment, iPhone, iPad or Android phones and tablets. These apps will be designed to perform simple yet functional capability that can be deployed to and utilized by the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows platforms. This site will provide a description of these apps as they are developed and will provide directions for acquiring them such as iPhone apps via the iTunes Apple store that has become so popular. The windows platform apps will be provided through this website.

Here is the first iCAPN App: Latitude and Longitude Conversion Tool. This app will provide a convenient method of converting different latitude and longtitude formats such as:

Converting Degrees to

Degrees, Minutes or
Degrees, Minutes and Seconds
as shown on the left

Converting Degrees, Minutes to

Degrees or
Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
as shown on the left

Converting Degrees, Minutes, Seconds to

Degrees or
Degrees, Minutes
as shown on the left

Purchase this Windows iCAPN App to Convert Latitude and Longitude formats at The CAPN Store.

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